Count Dracula has preyed on Transylvanians since the fifteenth century. From his dark castle in the Carpathian Mountains, the vampire emerges each night to suck their blood, meddle with their minds, and take the fairest of their women as his brides, damning them to an undead existence of service to him.

Few ever dared challenge the Count—few save the warriors of the Octo family. But after centuries of battle, Dracula finally killed the last of them. With none left to oppose him, Dracula abducts one new bride after another.

But hope has found its way back into the Romanian darkness. When word of the Octo family’s demise reached Professor Van Helsing in Amsterdam, he left at once to confront his old adversary. The professor has a plan.

Van Helsing's plan

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play

Take a look at the how to play page.

Why Octocoin?

The brand and the technology

Octocoin is cool, and it's a little dark.

Most importantly, Octocoin has solid technology behind it. It’s a great foundation for this and future games and apps.

Where can I get Octocoin?

There are links to exchanges on the right of the page. Octocoin's ticker is 888.

What happens to the Octocoin that are sent to aid combatants?

The current plan is to keep them where they are, and do nothing with them. If it becomes reasonably feasible to burn the coins, they will be burned (destroyed).

Is there an Octocoin block explorer?

Yes, right here

What browsers are supported?

The game looks really nice full screen, in a modern browser, on a desktop, laptop, or large tablet

What time zone is the site using?


How do I get in touch?

On Twitter: @OctoVsDracula

Van Helsing's Research

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