Count Dracula has preyed on Transylvanians since the fifteenth century. From his dark castle in the Carpathian Mountains, the vampire emerges each night to suck their blood, meddle with their minds, and take the fairest of their women as his brides, damning them to an undead existence of service to him.

Few ever dared challenge the Count—few save the warriors of the Octo family. But after centuries of battle, Dracula finally killed the last of them. With none left to oppose him, Dracula abducts one new bride after another.

But hope has found its way back into the Romanian darkness. When word of the Octo family’s demise reached Professor Van Helsing in Amsterdam, he left at once to confront his old adversary. The professor has a plan.

Van Helsing's plan

Create your hero

How to play

The basics

  • Create your hero on the lower left
  • When it’s their turn to fight, send Octocoin to the addresses shown to increase their attributes
  • Or send Octocoin to aid other combatants

I can send Octocoins to players other than my own?

Yes. There's one battle going at a time, and anyone can send Octocoin to aid their own heros, other heros, or even Dracula's forces.

There's one hero's quest going on at a time?

Just like there's one blockchain for the coin, there's one quest going on that everyone in the world sees.

If a weak character dies early, everyone sees it. If a hero makes it all the way to Dracula's castle, for that epic showdown, we'll all be there for that, too.

And since you can send Octocoin on behalf of heros or Dracula's forces, everyone can participate, in any quest.

What can I do to make my character better?

  • Try different combinations of attribute points. You only get 200, so make them count.
  • Send Octocoin to your hero when they're in battle
  • Play multiple days in a row, with the same character
  • Finish Van Helsing's research, on the right, and use those words in your name
  • Look out for other tips, in the fight text

How much Octocoin do I need, and where can I get it?

On the home page with the battles, the current rate of Octocoin per 10 points of attribute bonus, or health bonus, is shown.

This rate changes as the value of Octocoin changes.

There are links to exchanges on the right of the page. Octocoin's ticker is 888.

Are there any secrets?


Playing multiple days in a row with a character with the same name will give you a bonus.

Your character's name could be important too.

Is there an FAQ page?

There is, here.

Van Helsing's Research

Get Octocoin


Waiting to fight